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        Precautions for use of glass adhesive

        DATE:2020-5-8    CLICK:1232

        1. Use the glass glue in the place with good ventilation environment. After use, the window must be opened to keep the ventilation, so that the harmful gas can be emitted quickly. 

        2. Avoid contact with skin, etc. to avoid glass glue into the eyes, so when using glass glue, use a protective cover to prevent glass glue from entering the eyes. 

        3. When using glass glue, wear a mask. When using glass glue, wear a mask, so as to avoid harmful gas from inhaling into the body. 

        4. Don't let children contact after using the glass glue, pay attention to close well, and put it in the place that children can't reach. The above content is how to make the glass glue that this small edition brings to you?

         The usage and precautions of glass glue are introduced for your reference. I believe you will have a certain understanding of how to use glass glue after reading this article. I hope you can provide some help to the friends who need to use glass glue for decoration.

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