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        Tips for using glass glue

        DATE:2020-5-8    CLICK:1201

        1. First you need to be able to use a glue gun. 

        2. Determine the width of the glass glue you apply, that is, the gap width. 

        3. According to the width of the gap, cut the glue mouth into smaller caliber than the gap. 

        4. Do a good job in the protection of both sides of the crack. Paste 2-3cm type adhesive paper on the glass, profile, stone, etc. on both sides of the crack to protect the glass, profile, stone, etc. on both sides. It is also very convenient to correct the glue in the crack.

        5、 Master the speed of glass glue and the moving speed of glue gun, and move the glue gun evenly according to the depth of the gap.

         6. Repair the glass glue area, find a blade to smooth the uneven area, and make up for the area where there is no gap when applying the glue. 

        7. After 48 hours, the tape on both sides of the material will be removed to complete the construction.

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