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        Zhejiang Time New Materital Co.,Ltd.

        Industry News

        Time products won the excellent product award at the 18th China Hi Tech Fair

        DATE:2020-5-8    CLICK:1330

        The 18th China International hi tech fair, themed "innovation driven quality leading", closed in Shenzhen on November 21. The six-day Fair attracted 589000 visitors from 97 countries and regions around the world.

        At this high tech fair, Zhejiang Province won the excellent organization award and excellent exhibition award, and three enterprises including Zhejiang time new material Co., Ltd. won the excellent product award. The total amount of cooperation intention of 33 projects brought by the Zhejiang delegation covers biomedicine, Internet, intelligent manufacturing and other fields is about 27 million yuan.

        This high tech Fair held a series of activities, such as exhibition, exhibition, high-end forum, new product release, technical exchange, project roadshow, matchmaking negotiation, overseas buyer procurement negotiation, with a total area of 150000 square meters.

        The more than 20 thousand high-tech projects and products brought by 3533 exhibitors from 37 countries have appeared in the fields of AR/VR, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, Internet plus, big data, energy saving and environmental protection, smart city, aerospace, new energy, new materials and modern agriculture.

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